Keep the Main Thing

The Main Thing

Specialty: Strong business leader that can manage complicated business issues such as cultural change.

Keep the Main Thing

the Main Thing

Specialty: Strong business leader that can manage complicated business issues such as cultural change.


Bill Goebel’s exceptional talent for cultivating hardworking teams shines through his demonstrative and dynamic nature, evident in his accomplished leadership across the companies under his ownership.


A lifelong passion for helping youth in need has allowed Bill to dedicate tireless hours to networking with youth-serving organizations to alleviate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).


Commitment, sacrifice, and devotion are key elements of a strong family. Bill spends significant time with his family building a stronger community. Bill and his wife, Dori, work together to be agents of positive change within the state of North Carolina and across the country.

My mission has been to make quality life coaching affordable and available to anyone who strives to live their ideal life. Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals — career, personal, or most often, both.



Goebel has been a ground-breaking forward thinker throughout his career. Over the years, Bill has built great businesses and award-winning teams.  Currently, he is the area president of Focus CFO, which has given him the opportunity to serve developing and mid-size companies in securing resources. He is also the owner and president of MPACT Solutions, LLC, a nationally recognized industrial maintenance training company. Bill enjoys sharing his expertise and has appeared on the TV show Good Morning America talking about successful business collaborations.  Earlier in his career, he was privileged to develop the team and launch Vaseline Lip Therapy, which not only became a #1 selling item in the United States but has helped countless customers

Today, Goebel spends much of his time serving and volunteering. He is very involved with the Boy Scouts of America and is an active board member with Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina and most recently elected to the Guilford County School Board. He also co-hosts North Carolina’s fastest-growing podcast, with Bill & Odell. Goebel devotes copious energies to traveling across North Carolina, advocating to help minimize Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) with the 501(c)(3) he founded, Youth of North Carolina. In 2022, Bill become a Youth Development Advisor to the state Chief Justice Paul Newby’s Task Force on ACEs-Informed Courts.

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